Occupational Health & Safety

Identify Hazards, Meet Safety Standards

Occupational Health And Safety is a Vital Part of the Workplace

health and safety Maintaining health and safety in a work environment is critical to the success of both the worker as well as the company. Accidents can happen, however identifying and reducing the potential hazards will improve your safety performance and save the company money. In addition, performing representative sampling, testing and employee exposure assessment is critical for worker safety and the maintaining OSHA regulatory compliance. UAS can assist you with both.

Our job as occupational health and safety professionals is to work with you to determine possible hazards that can cause injury on the job, meet safety standards set forth by regulatory agencies such as OSHA as well as your own strategic business or safety goals. We have successfully completed safety and health projects such as:

  • • Safety Inspections
  • • Safety Audits
  • • Hazard Analysis
  • • Risk Assessment
  • • OSHA Compliance
  • • Safety Training Program Development and Training
  • • Industrial Hygiene Assessment

Comprehensive reports and training suggestions are prepared which include our observations, current work practices and any recommendations to improve operational processes, compliance issues and training.

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