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UAS Laboratory Services

UAS Laboratory Services is an independent, accredited lab specializing in asbestos testing in both airborne and bulk asbestos fiber analysis. Our laboratory services are supplied to UAS in-house projects as well as other environmental service consultants in and around the Chicago area. Customers of United Analytical Services utilizing our lab services have the benefit of a full service asbestos lab on site at our offices in Downers Grove, Illinois.

PLM MicroscopeThe Lab is directed by Kevin Aikman, PH.D., CIH, LIH and is managed by a highly skilled professional with over 20 years of experience in asbestos lab analysis. UAS is audited every two years, is accredited and follows ISO standards. We wholly own and operate a JEOL, Model JEM-100CX II Transmission Electron Microscope – TEM for asbestos research analyses.

UAS Laboratory Services is accredited by the TEM Microscope National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program NVLAP Lab Code 101732-0. UAS Lab participates in the NIST NVLAP Accreditation Program for asbestos bulk sample analysis using Polarized Light Microscopy – PLM and for asbestos airborne fibers using Transmission Electron Microscopy – TEM. UAS' analysts meet the required criteria and have obtained approval from the Registry Program Board to participate in the Asbestos Analysis Registry - AAR Proficiency Program.

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Lead Paint

Current regulations recommend that any structure build prior to 1978 should be tested for lead based paint. The concern was the paint chips and lead dust could be ingested by children under the age of 6 and causing potentially serious health effects.

It has also been shown that the toxins from the lead paint can easily be inhaled. It's critical that any lead paint be confined and professionally removed so to avoid potential health effects to those inhibiting the space.

Be sure to contact United Analytical Services to schedule inspection, assessment, and evaluation of the space where lead based paint is suspected.