Industrial Hygiene Services

Manage Workplace Hazards

Industrial Hygiene Assessment for a Safe Work Environment

industrial hygiene safety When potential exposures to airborne contaminants are a source of concern, United Analytical Services, Inc. (UAS) certified experts work to identify, evaluate and control the unwanted hazards. UAS offers a wide variety of industrial hygiene / indoor air quality and risk assessment services to the industrial and commercial building owners, property managers and schools. Assessment may include testing for chemicals, particulates, noise, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, tobacco smoke, moisture, allergens, temperatures, toxic gases, vapors, aerosols, radiation and ergonomics to name a few. Larger and more comprehensive studies may include assessment and testing for comparison or compliance with ASHRAE Standards for Thermal Environmental Conditions or Ventilation and/or the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certification guidelines.

We understand the critical nature of business and the ability to move forward to get the job done. It's important that when an industrial hygiene project is identified, bring in the experts at United Analytical Services to help you prepare so we can keep issues to a minimum. Additional considerations for UAS may include:

  • • Concrete grinding or cutting
  • • Flood
  • • Sewage backup
  • • Demolition of all / part of a building
  • • Odors
  • • Chemical spills / exposures
  • • OSHA compliance testing

Our team of environmental professionals will come to you on-site to identify and evaluate the potential hazards. Depending on the nature of the visit, our team may include a board certified industrial hygienist, professional engineers, architects and/or scientists. Once we evaluate the project, we’ll devise a plan specific to your environment to address or control potential air quality issues or hazards.

Contact us for workplace safety measures with our Industrial Hygiene Services.