Indoor Air Quality Analysis

For a Healthy Environment

Indoor Air Quality Analysis for a Healthy & Compliant-Free Environment

indoor air quality Your employees and workers are the first to notice unusual or unpleasant odors, irritants or unwanted growths such as mold. They are aware of their environment and notice changes that help keep the workplace safe. When an employee, guest or worker report an odor or notice visible growth, be sure to investigate the report by bringing in an indoor air quality specialist such as United Analytical Services Inc.’s Certified Industrial Hygienists. Whether proactive or reactive, UAS can help.

Waiting until a situation arises may cause your company valuable time, energy, resources and expense. You can be proactive in your strategic business plan by developing an indoor air quality preventative plan or program. United Analytical Services, Inc. has developed proactive indoor air quality protocols that actively monitor numerous contaminants such as:

  • • Carbon Dioxide
  • • Temperature
  • • Relative Humidity
  • • Carbon Monoxide
  • • Airborne Mold Spores
  • • Light Intensity
  • • Water Quality
  • • Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  • • Formaldehyde
  • • 4 - Phenylcyclohexene (4PCH)
  • • Ambient Air Movement

There are situations when your company may be unclear as to the cause of workplace odors, fatigue, illnesses or complaints. United Analytical Services also provides specialized indoor air quality testing. These planned indoor air quality testing can include services such as:

  • • Ambient Noise
  • • Legionella pneumophilia bacteria or Legionnaires disease
  • • Sewage backup
  • • Flood damage assessment
  • • Other pathogen contaminations

  • For LEED certification, Contact United Analtical Services. We have worked with numerous companies helping to achieve LEED certificaiton with indoor air quality development.