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Asbestos Consultation for the Identification, Design and Project Management of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Consulting is a vital part of any project that has the presence of asbestos. When your commercial building, industrial facility or even school is undergoing a project where the potential of asbestos is present, be sure that eitherAsbestos in Piping System you or your contractor has a professional asbestos consultant as part of the team. Our job is to ensure that the asbestos has been properly identified and removed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor for compliance with all regulations.

United Analytical Services begins the process by assessing the proposed construction area. We will survey the area and inspect it carefully for the presence of asbestos. If asbestos is identified, we will provide you a scope of work that clearly states what needs to be accomplished and what the project process includes in order to reach the end goal of a safe and secure environment.

Asbestos Found in Tile FloorOur team includes licensed asbestos inspectors, licensed industrial hygienists, professional engineers, management planners, project designers, project managers and sampling professionals. When planning an asbestos project you can be sure to receive a comprehensive design created by a licensed designer employed by UAS. If you need assistance with the evaluation and choice of asbestos abatement companies, UAS can help you with the bidding and selection process. We verify that each vendor is bidding the project properly to ensure all requirements and regulations are met. In addition, we can also provide a project manager on-site to oversee the implementation of the process from set up with barriers for containment, asbestos removal, final air clearance and tear down.

Each staff member is trained in a minimum of two environmental disciplines adding experience and oversight to every project. We have the following IDPH licensed asbestos professionals: project designers, building inspectors, management planners, air sampling professionals, asbestos project managers and asbestos technicians. UAS asbestos professionals maintain licenses in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Once the project is near completion, United Analytical Services will conduct clean air testing to ensure an uncontaminated environment. All reports will be made available to you as well as any employees or workers that may be concerned with the environment they work in each day.



Our experience  ranges from a single day air monitoring project to state-wide asbestos assessment including 77 buildings with over  1 million sq. ft. of floor space.

Did You Know...

United Analytical Services received the 2003 Presidents Award for Partnership by Benedictine University in recognition as the contracted vendor for the University who has created a collaborative relationship to improve service.