Testing of Mold, Lead Paint, Indoor Air Quality in Homes

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Your home, townhome or condo is an important part of our lives. It’s the place where family and friends gather and often share a good meal. When your home is compromised from flooding or excessive moisture has gathered, action needs to be taken to protect your home. United Analytical Services - UAS works with local homeowners, townhome associations, and condo associations in order to identify mold, lead based paint or indoor air quality issues.

Mold is often found after flooding, excess moisture in the attic or closets. Mold is everywhere and only when conditions are Mold Test in Atticfavorable will mold grow. Mold grows on organic materials such as carpet, walls, wood and even household dust. It is frequently found behind walls or under materials where water has created damaged. For mold to spread, ideal conditions need to exist, such as moisture, temperature and organic materials.

To control the growth of mold, find it early either by sight or a musty odor. Moisture can be found in many areas and needs to be monitored for proper ventilation. The most vulnerable areas of the home that need attention are: roof leaks, ice damming, roof flashing, windows, dryer vents, bathrooms, plants, and unvented appliances to name a few.

If the affected area is small, identify the moisture source and clean / replace the material. If the area has grown, or has affected a larger area, call United Analytical Services - UAS for inspection and assessment of the property.

Lead Based Paint
Lead based paint was regularly used in household paints to decrease drying time Peeling Lead Based Paintand increase durability. However, legal action was taken in order to remove the lead from paint in order to protect children and their families from ingesting the toxins from touching the walls followed by touching our mouth, eyes and nose. If your home was constructed prior to 1978, a lead based paint test should be conducted to either prove or disprove the presence of lead based paint. If you are unsure of the status of your home's safety from lead based paint, contact us today.

Indoor Air Quality
United Analytical Services receives numerous calls each year regarding Indoor Air Quality Testingunexplained odors. In most instances, odors build up as a result of poor ventilation. The most effective way to manage your indoor air quality is to ensure proper ventilation and filtration of indoor air. Here are a few other ways to control unwanted odors:
• Use a dehumidifier during the warmer months to remove moisture from the air
• Humidity control device so not to put too much moisture into the air
• Ensure air ducts are clean and unobstructed
If you believe the odors in your home are of a more serious nature, contact us for an evaluation.

Asbestos Consultation for the Identification, Design and Project Management of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Consulting is a vital part of any project that has the presence of asbestos. When your commercial building, industrial facility or even school is undergoing a project where the potential of asbestos is present, be sure that eitherAsbestos in Piping System you or your contractor has a professional asbestos consultant as part of the team. Our job is to ensure that the asbestos has been properly identified and removed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor for compliance with all regulations.

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UAS Laboratory Services

UAS Laboratory Services is an independent, accredited lab specializing in asbestos testing in both airborne and bulk asbestos fiber analysis. Our laboratory services are supplied to UAS in-house projects as well as other environmental service consultants in and around the Chicago area. Customers of United Analytical Services utilizing our lab services have the benefit of a full service asbestos lab on site at our offices in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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Our experience  ranges from a single day air monitoring project to state-wide asbestos assessment including 77 buildings with over  1 million sq. ft. of floor space.