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Environmental Services

Asbestos Consulting, Industrial Hygiene, Mold Assessment, Occupational Health and Safety, Indoor Air Quality, and Laboratory Services are all Part of the Environmental Services at United Analytical Services.

At United Analytical Services, Inc. (UAS), our environmental services are all about the safety, security and the well-being of people and the environment in the industrial, manufacturing and commercial industries as well as schools, businesses, townhomes, apartment buildings and single family dwellings. Our environmental team includes certified industrial hygienist and industrial hygienist professionals, as well as safety, engineer, inspection and project management professionals that are highly trained in identifying, assessing, testing, designing and managing asbestos, lead, mold, indoor air quality and other potential environmental hazards associated health risks.

UAS provides our clients with quality professional services for asbestos, industrial hygiene, health, safety, indoor air quality, mold, lead and compliance expertise. The breadth of services and experienced professionals encompass what facility managers, businesses and homeowners are searching for to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. UAS’ objective is to address potential issues effectively and efficiently in order to reduce liabilities and improve bottom line results while helping its clients remain compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

lab services

UAS Laboratory Services


UAS’ Laboratory Services maintains accreditation (NVLAP Lab Code 101732-0), specializing in asbestos testing in airborne and bulk asbestos fiber analysis, as well as water, dust and soil. Our laboratory serves our in-house projects as well as businesses, municipalities, homeowners and other environmental service consultants in and around Chicago and Illinois. UAS’ Laboratory Services takes pride in the results of our laboratory services and provides our clients with the experience and expertise that are perhaps the best in the industry.



An independent, accredited lab specializing in asbestos testing for homes and businesses.

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Thorough assessment for the home & business identifying mold growth & its source.

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Identify the presence of lead based paint with qualified professionals for home & business.

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